Sarah Winther

I mix traditional craft with more experimental techniques to create a unique, long-lasting and powerful piece of jewellery.

My inspiration is found in the small detail of everyday life. With functionality and the body in focus, I transform these details to jewellery, where quality craft is of high importance.

My newest collection 'Formation' is inspired by formations everywhere. From the smallest mineral fragments in nature to social constructs in todays society.

The third collection 'Crystallography' originates in my artistic work and experiments with crystallization. The expression mimics crystal structures and their construction by the formation of geometric patterns.

The inspiration for my second collection 'In the Rough' came when I moved to Stockholm in 2012 to study Fine Arts at Konstfack, and suddenly found myself surrounded by raw rock formations with fascinating surface structures, that pops up everywhere in the Swedish capital.

My first collection 'Edges' was created in 2010 during my study at The Royal Danish Academy of Architecture. It draws inspiration from the modern architecture with its graphic lines and industrial forms and constructions.

Products & Product care

Every piece of jewellery is handcrafted in my workshop in Copenhagen. 

I strive for my jewellery production to have as little impact on the environment as possible. All my jewellery are therefore made in recycled 925 sterling silver and I use environmentally conscious techniques and chemicals where possible.

All jewellery are surface treated, which will fade over time. For best maintenance; avoid contact with water or chemical products (such as soap, perfume, hairspray etc.) and keep the jewellery in a jewellery box when they are not in use. 

If your jewellery need to get its shine back, whether it is in need of a new goldplating, oxidizing or polish, you can always contact me, and we can find a solution.
I re-polish and re-oxidize jewellery free of charge, and a re-goldplating with 18 karat gold costs between 50-100 DKK depending on the jewellery.


If you have any questions or special requests, you are more than welcome to send me an e-mail.


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