Why choose a bespoke ring?

I create every bespoke engagement or wedding ring for the specific person receiving it. It is therefore possible to choose the metal, type and size of stone, design, structure, width etc. you wish for. When you choose a bespoke ring or other piece of jewellery, you get something that is made just for you.

How to order

Every bespoke order begins with a meeting in my shop. At the meeting you will see and try a variation of rings in different designs, we will talk about materials and stones and together we will design the perfect ring or set of rings for you.

When we have come up with the perfect design for your ring, I will begin the work. It usually takes 4-8 weeks from the ring is ordered until it is ready for fitting and pick-up.

A meeting usually takes around an hour, so if you want to be sure that I am in the studio and available when you come by, I recommend that you book a meeting in advance. You can do that either by phone: +45 50458750 or by e-mail:

What is the price for a bespoke ring?

The price of a bespoke ring varies a lot depending in the choice of metal, the type and size of stone(s) as well as the width, thickness and ring size.

I always do my best to create a ring/set of rings that fits with both your design wishes and budget. If you have a fixed budget, it is always a good thing to let me know in advance, so I can make design suggestions that fit within it.

You can find price examples on other bespoke rings if you click on the pictures under “Gallery of bespoke rings”.

Things to consider

When deciding upon the design and the metal you want an engagement or wedding ring to be made of, my advice is to take into consideration that this is a ring that will be worn every day.
When you choose the design, make sure it is a piece that you or the person you are giving it to can wear with ease.

When choosing the metal, consider that gold is sturdier and therefore does not get scratched nor worn out of shape as easily as silver. If you like the colour of silver better, you can choose to go with white-gold, which comes close to silver in colour, but has the sturdiness of gold. The choice is of course completely up to you.

Consider if you want stones in your ring. What kind, colour and size of stone(s) could you imagine? I mainly work with diamonds and sapphires and have a selection of stones I can show you at our design meeting. I can also order a stone home for you if you have specific wishes.






Do you have any questions regarding a custom order or do you want to come by my studio for a meeting? Please send me a message and I'll get back to you within 1-3 business days.